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Refining your digital marketing products to better reflect your core business values and inspire customer engagement and loyalty.

Our Services

Check out some of our main core services. Stralim Technologies will inspire you to cultivate a new perspective when it comes to developing your digital assets. With over 15 years of experience in these blended skill sets, We offer valuable marketing deliverables, continuous innovation, and the latest trends and techniques in digital technologies.

Web Development

Offering website development on CMS platforms such as WordPress with blog platform integration, subscription model integration, ecommerce, and learning management. Also SaaS-based content management system such as SquareSpace-integrated website builder, blogging platform.  

Email Marketing

Creating brand assets to personalize your email templates. Organizing list with opt-in process in place to offer a spam free experience for your clients. Develop email marketing campaigns to notify your clients of upcoming events, classes, workshops, special offerings, etc. Gather campaign result analytics to provide you with insight for future campaigns.

Content Strategist

Assisting clients to determine their primary target audience and choosing the best content types (text, visuals, video) that will speak to that audience.

Social Media Community Management

Designing social profiles for business fan pages that speak to your followers. Create digital assets using the clients brand identity and curate content designed to engage followers. Managing online social user interactions and cultivate conversations. Track analytics of social media performance.

Creating Your Brand’s Story

As a business owner, you have a specialized expertise like no other! And because you have created a differentiated experience for your clients, you need a unique brand story. I assist you with weaving a captivating, emotionally connected story around your brand.  

Professional Business Cards

Assist clients with designing a better business card that convey professionalism. Higher quality designs, amazing paper stock, imagery are all used in the process. 

Digital Designer

Develop digital assets for building clients brand identity that include, logo design, brochures, flyers, newsletters, email marketing templates, powerpoint template and print ads.

Power Point Alternatives

Re-working powerpoint presentation to have a stronger visual impact that helps you to illustrate your message and engage your audience. Enhancing the impact of your presentations with high quality visual aids that encapsulates your theme. Develop 300 dpi print versions for hard copy. 

Client Requirements

When it comes to a business relationship, we all have diverse ways we show up and add value to meet our goals. To get the maximum return on your investment, consider a few basic requirements to practice as the client. Some go without saying but you would be surprised.

To show up means you’re mindful of levels of accountability and ownership of the project. You honor your time and the time of another. You arrive with a plan to deliver the content required to complete your project. Focusing on your competition and their offerings is a time sink. Instead focus on how to develop your individualized content and the goals you want to achieve. 

Working within the confines of your existing team and current budget will serve you when developing your website. As you begin to list the products and services your company will offer, it is imperative that you remain honest with yourself about what you’re capable of producing. Be practical. Know your limitations on creating content such as photography, videos, social media content and blogs. Remember you can plan for scalability.   

At the beginning of each project, we take time to clarify goals and objectives. Scope change request are handled on a review and approval basis. Expect to discuss expanding our project scope and budget to accommodate any new features that you might request. When you make a decision, stick to it and don’t get distracted by over thinking the small stuff. Trust that you will be guided in this process with the years of experience offered.

Being prepared by knowing the purpose of your work helps the flow of content development. What sort of work or services do you do? What is your forte?
What are the things you do best? What types of clients do you represent?
What is your work about? What inspires you to do this work?

When developing this content make a point to ask yourself, “Does this exude my confidence, my energy and my enthusiasm for what I am offering?”

To have a unified vision means you know exactly what your looking for and use your authority to decide on what is best for your business. Relying on design by committee from friends and family will only slow down the process. Trust your vision. This is not the time to let others hold the baby.

As you can imagine, many clients find it stressful to begin the process of creating branding and developing content for a new website. They often shut down until there is a moment of divine clarity. This can be a birthing process that can leave you feeling vulnerable questioning if you have what it takes to get  it done. Know that a sense of humor during the whole process will serve us both. Stay curious about what can be achieved. Be inspired and have fun! 


The testimonials from my current clients speak to the relationship-building journey we embark on when beginning these projects. They reflect my integrity, credibility and expertise.

  • "Jennifer built a beautiful website for me. As the developer, she listened carefully to my needs and wishes, guided me patiently through the process of creating the text for the site, and is still available and supportive whenever I have questions or wish for changes. She is well-informed, competent, and a joy to work with."

    Melinda Gillette
  • "I have hired Jennifer to help with branding my new company. Her ideas are inventive and she is enthusiastic and passionate about her work. She has been a blessing. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help getting there name out there."

    Jesse Locke Moving Mountains Massage
  • "Jennifer did a great job getting our social media presence up to where it needed to be. We were fortunate to find someone who was passionate about showcasing our product, our philosophy and our industry to a whole new set of consumers."

    Bob Dineen Rocky Mountain Natural Meats
  • "Jennifer is great! She brings highly developed professional skills as well as intuition and personal sensitivity to her work. My business offers something that is new. I am breaking new ground and Jennifer impressed me with a willingness to take time to deeply understand what I am doing and what I need. She patiently and decisively guided me in developing a website and marketing materials. I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of Jennifer’s services."

    Reva Tift AHCD Guidance
  • "Jennifer is professional, prompt, and amazing! She is a pleasure to work with! I get so much work and so many compliments on the site she built me, and I love it! Thank you Jen!"

    Dan Miller My Denver Mechanic
  • My name is Sakari, I am the developer of the recursive geometry generator, GeoKone.NET. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for over couple of years now already. She has been helping me taking my work forwards with her great intuition and way of putting it into words. Jennifer has great knowledge of how to present things to people and how to communicate ideas forwards in the proper way for the target audience. Many times when I’ve wondered on what direction to take GeoKone or how to handle certain marketing or business related sides of my project, she has shared her vast knowledge of these areas and showed me the right way.

    Sakari Lehtonen, Developer OmniGeometry / GeoKone
  • “Jennifer is the perfect Project Manager. She is punctual, makes great reports, listens carefully, is very thoughtful, grasps things quickly, and most importantly, knows how to treat and inspire her colleagues during the gloomy stages of a project or whenever there is scope creep. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work and I enjoyed working with her.”

    Mustafa Quilon, Partner Zahab
  • “Jennifer is always such a joy to work with. She understands what I request for our web enhancements and implements it quickly and very responsively. She proactively offers new ideas and improvements but always politely and very professionally. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a fun, very cost-effective, website consultant and designer.”

    Malachi O'Neill, Business Development/Marketing Mountain Aviation

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Fueled by the passion to help business owners thrive.


Hello, as a digital creative vendor, I offer clients the option of outsourcing their multiple marketing projects. My turn around time is excellent. And I love the creative process of making their web presence stronger. My job is to refine your digital marketing products to better reflect your core business values and inspire customer engagement and loyalty. My work includes Web Design & Development, Designing Digital Assets, Creating Your Brand’s Story, Social Media Administration, etc. My specialty is listening and tuning into what is the desired outcome and going beyond my clients expectations. Making it happen consistently is what I do best. The types of clients I represent are those who are deeply mindful about what they are bringing to the planet with excitement and genuine enthusiasm. To schedule a quick meeting to discuss your digital marketing goals, contact me by email info@stralimtechnologies.com

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